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Reading the bio’s on Twitter pages is hugely entertaining, believe it or not. Just for fun, I thought I’d share a few. I have permission to post my favourite three with names.

I write. Sometimes my characters get out of hand, demanding better lines or bigger roles. With some, I agree. Others I send into desperate situations.@martinlake14 

I wrote a book. People said it was good so I wrote more. Apparently they’re good too. Which is nice . @singularityspnt

I kill people for a living, & I love it! Best-selling author, named one of twitter’s 7 best authors to followFormer banker, now author of erotic books inspired by poetry, music & travel. @cherylbradshaw

I say stupid things, trip over my own feet, and love books. Sometimes a columnist and satirist. If you’re an author, let me know…

Author – One of the minions plunking on a laptop.

I write sweet romances, horror, inspirational and children’s books. Variety is the spice of life.

After decades of sleepwalking through life, I’ve finally woken up and realised the greatest dreams are achieved with open eyes and a conscious mind…

Never give up… keep focused… persevere… stay until the miracle happens. Explore the awesome power of Quotes! 

Writing my third novel… Wallpapering the bathroom walls with rejection letters. Looks nice, really. 

Positivity is contagious. Compliments are priceless. Encouragement and praise should be endless. Faith brings them all together. Tweets are my own. Peace.

Mild-mannered microbiologist turned twisted crime-writer.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did :)


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Good Monday Morning one and all :) 


Have a great week.


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No fooling my kids.

One of my favourite meals when I was growing up was Chicken and Noodles. My mother always pressure-cooked the chicken, peeled off the meat and put it back in the broth, then brought the whole lot to the boil again before dropping in a whole packet of wide ribbon noodles.

chicken and noodlesI was 21 when I went back to the US to meet family, and while there, my grandmother taught me to make noodles. As my children grew up, Chicken and Noodles was a regular menu item and I usually made the noodles.

However, there were the odd times I tried to pull a swifty on them, by cooking packet ribbon noodles, and they always knew. Then I hit on an idea that just might save me time and effort – fresh pasta from the refrigerator section of the supermarket. I eagerly purchased a pack, took it home and spread it out on my noodle board and cut them into strips and disposed of the packaging before anyone saw.

With much ado, in front of them all, I dropped the strips into the boiling chicken broth. Moments later it was done and served. There was silence as they tucked in and I waited with anticipation. Finally my son twirled a single noodle around on his fork and studied it intently. ‘This isn’t home-made, is it?’ he asked.

‘You saw them sliced up on the board,’ I said innocently.

That one comment was enough to get the rest of the family looking and tasting their noodles. ‘They’re not home-made, are they?’ demanded one of the girls. ‘What did you do?’

What could I do? I confessed. Although it was funny at the time, and there was much banter around the table that night about me trying to pull one over on them, I never tried to pass off pre made noodles again. I learned something that I never forgot. If I’d told them before dinner that I didn’t have time to make the noodles, they would have been disappointed, sure. But they would have understood what they were getting.

So be encouraged, and make sure you are the ‘real’ thing when you present yourself to others, because they’ll soon spot the fake in you if you don’t.


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Good Monday Morning to you all :)

Here’s something to think about, and can be applied to any area of life – work, writing, relationships, gardening, cooking… the list is endless. Have a great week. DJ

inspiration quote

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Something short and sweet for you today.

A picture of my newest grand child. A little girl named Kiah (pronounced Ky ah). Born on Australia Day 2013Kiah

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The following job advertisement was spotted this week in Perth, Western Australia. Don’t you will all bosses were like this?

I am seeking a competent and organized person to take on a position that will vary in hours depending on workflow. 


Typically Mon- Wed School Hours starting from anywhere between 1-3 days but a weeks notice will be given on all rosters forth coming. 

This position is most suited to someone whom would like flexibility for school pick ups and holidays. 

I run a Bookkeeping business and am looking for someone to cover the following roles: 

-Data entry 
-Accounts payable/receivable 
-general office duties 
-Sense of humor 
-likes coffee 
-Wing man/women to myself 

-You must have an understanding of credits & debits and payables and receivables.

-Be tidy, organized, punctual & even a little OCD is ok 


-Myob & or Quick Books experience is preferred but im happy to provide some guidance. 

-Police Clearance and current references please.

I’m looking for someone who would like to work as a contractor (own ABN- own business) and am happy to assist them with abn application and information on their responsibilities as a contractor to the ATO etc to get them started up 
– FYI If you earn less than 75K you have no GST commitments & if you earn less than 18k you have no withholding tax commitments 


What does it pay? 
depends how good you are……. I’m looking at around 20-25 per hour flat rate paid fortnightly on invoice. 

You require only yourself no laptops, equipment etc 

If you think you would suit this role and are local to the Armdale area (10km ish) would like to earn some extra money for the family and get out of the house please respond via email. 

Now that is what I call an imaginative job advertisement. And I wish her every success in finding the right ‘wing man/woman’ :)


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Good Monday Morning to you all :)

I came across this written somewhere – I don’t remember where, so can’t say who wrote it. But I was so intrigued by the story that I went online and found the actual painting it mentioned. The first picture below is the painting. There are many pictures of this mountain on the ‘net’ if you would like to see more.

The Image of the Cross

Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of North America stands a rugged peak. For nine months each year it lies robed in snow, indistinguishable from a dozen others surrounding it.

Thomas Moran - Mountain of the Holy CrossBut as summer arrives and the air warms, the mountain slowly sheds its blanket of white, revealing a massive emblem. High above the neighboring valleys, an 1100 foot vertical gouge bisects a 400 foot horizontal groove, forming an almost perfect image of the cross of Christ. This sight is so impressive that famous American artist Thomas Moran visited the mountain to paint it in 1875. The peak is aptly named “The Mountain of the Holy Cross.”

In winter, only an expert could single out this particular peak from those around it. But in summer, any child could look at these mountains and easily choose “the one with the cross on it.” The only real difference in this mountain and the all the others is the enormous image etched into its face.

co-mount-of-the-holy-cross-c1920We spend much of our lives creating a thick layer of “achievements.” We climb the career ladder, push our kids to excel, move to a better neighborhood, pursue another degree, all in the hope that we will somehow become more popular, wealthy, powerful, or influential. Like a thick blanket of snow our conquests and achievements cover us, deposited one tiny flake at a time until we are totally obscured. For many of us, self- esteem and self-worth come from what we have accomplished or how much we can buy or who we know.

Yet one day we will awaken to a new reality, an endless day in which all our values will be turned upside down. All that we have done, said, created, bought, and built will be brushed away, melted like snow under the gaze of our eternal Father. Deep within each one of us he will seek the one thing, the only thing he truly cares about: the imprint of the cross, the mark of his Son.

Nothing else matters to Him. And on that day, nothing else will matter to you. Do you possess the one thing that really matters?

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Change and Dr Lee.

Every time I came home from a session with Dr Lee, I passed a Baskin Robins ice cream store. For the first few months I would buy myself a treat – a single cup of photo-26peanut-butter chocolate ice-cream. Then when I was challenged to become more adventurous, my very first step out of the usual was to order a different flavour of ice-cream. Not quite ready to let go of what was familiar, I began ordering two scoops – one of the usual and one of something else. This sounds funny now, but for me it was a huge step. It took me many years, but eventually I tried every flavour there was and over time I dropped back to ordering only one scoop and it was not peanut-butter chocolate. I still love the peanut-butter chocolate, but I don’t order it every time like I used to.

In the last 10 years, many things have changed for me. From the styles and colours of clothing, to decor styles, to foods and accompaniments. Like lemon cordial, and cranberry sauce, and mustard. Cranberry sauce and mustard (and lemon cordial) were things I used to watch my parents consume, and thought they were crazy. Orange cordial for me, thank you. And tomato sauce, or ketchup, or tomato sauce, or ketchup…

Looking back on the last 10 years, I feel that I am really living now, and it’s thanks to Dr Lee and my own hard work. It’s a big step to consider change, and an even bigger step to actually change something. But not everything has to change. I came across this quote, that helps me keep change in perspective.

You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.  ~Denis Waitley

Personally, I would take off the ‘You must’ and say, ‘Welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.’


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Here’s an update on what happened with my writing during January, 2013.

US editing on Operation Tango Two-Two (first and second drafts) finished.

IDM x 4It Doesn’t Matter hard back covers arrived at our house (a month late, but who’s counting?) Now this book is in print in soft cover, hard cover and colouring book. Surprisingly, I like the colouring book best, but have resisted the urge to colour one in :)

The Spanish version has been printed, I believe, just waiting for a release date. It is wonderful to have all four versions of the book in my hand.

The US version of Operation Alpha Papa was printed and the release date is April 1st. No, this is not a joke :)

I was hoping to be able to share sales figures for the first two books in the Operation Series and the soft cover of the picture book, but they haven’t come through yet.

Operation Romeo Sierra (book 6 in the Operation series) is on my desktop, but I must confess, not much work has been done on it during January. Hoping for more actual writing time this month. I’m still planning on it coming out towards the end of this year.


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