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Never give up

It’s Tuesday…! Yes, I know it’s not one of my usual post days, but I just couldn’t resist posting this.

Never give up



At first I thought it was funny, but then it hit home. Do I have that sort of courage and persistence? If I did, what could I accomplish this year? I wonder… 

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Good Monday Morning to you all :)Accomplish your purpose

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Good Monday morning to you all :)

It’s a new week, and what I usually do on Monday morning, is reflect on last week. Was there anything I didn’t do that I wanted to? Was there anything I did do that I didn’t want to? And did I learn anything?

Today I’m going to share something I learned.

Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. (unknown)

Let’s take the first part: Never underestimate. To underestimate something, you make it out to be smaller or less important than it actually is. It can also mean that you regard someone as less capable than they really are.

Add the next bit: Never underestimate what you can accomplish. Now ask yourself what you have accomplished in the last week, month, year, 5 years, 10 years. Staggering isn’t it?  That’s progress.

Now add the next part: Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe. To believe is to accept as true. To feel sure of the truth. To have faith.

Now read it all together: Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself.  Yourself… say it out loud… ‘me’, yep meeeee!

This was a big lesson for me last week. And the only way I got through the week was to break the quote down and focus on what it actually means.

So what did I learn? That I am capable, I have accomplished much, I have faith, I have qualities and abilities that make me ‘me’. I believe in me.

Do you know what I did on Friday? I was the guest speaker at a Rotary breakfast. Where most of the gentlemen wore suits and the ladies wore fine dresses and coats :)

So start your week with this quote in mind, and see what you accomplish.


P.S. Special thanks to my faithful friends who prayed for and encouraged me last week.

(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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