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Good Monday Morning to one and all :)

wandYesterday I was on the receiving end of some MAGIC.

My granddaughter  (almost 6 years old) held her sparkling blue wand high (pictured) and said, ‘What do you want to be, Grandma?’

I said, ‘I want to be a princess Grandma.’

She closed her eyes, waved the wand around and suddenly stopped. Her eyes popped open and she had a huge smile on her face. Very seriously, she told me, ‘You can’t see it, but you are very beautiful.’ She leaned in really close. ‘Now remember, you can’t see it,’ she said as she took off, intent on something else. 

But her words hit home! How often do we fail to see the beauty that is already inside us, that other people see?


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We have a couple of bushes growing up in front of our bedroom window to protect the room from our harsh, hot Australian summers. Looking out from inside the house, it is a twisted mass of twigs and branches. The summer sun has a hard time getting though the tangled mass. It actually looks quite ugly from inside. But when you go outside and look at it, you see a mass of green leaves and red and white flowers.

Every Monday morning I fix a coffee and take a walk around my garden to see what is new or what has happened during the last week. I look at each plant, and see if there are any new buds or flowers. I make note of which ones are ready to be picked for display. Hardly a week goes by when there isn’t a homegrown flower or vase full of flowers that grace my table.

When I go around the front and look at the bush that has overgrown my window, I see the beauty of flowers dotted among the green. And I’m reminded of what I can see from the inside of my bedroom… Ugly on the inside, yet beautiful on the outside. Is there a ‘Life Lesson’ in that? I think there may be…

Happy Monday, everyone. May you have a productive and rewarding week :)

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