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I have just finished the most frustrating edits I have EVER done! We are up to the lay-out stage (Type setting stage in Australia) and I requested almost 400 changes in 190 pages! 90% of the changes were to hyphenated words at the end of a line. And the winner is….. hospital- (on one line) ity (on the next line) = hospitality.

On a much happier note, my cute little picture book seems to be selling well in the US. I just wish it could get on the shelves here in Australia. Sales figure below…

small IDM


Between January – March 2013, a total of 1452 books were sold. Next statement will hopefully have a cheque worth banking.

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I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this week – A high, then a low, then another high :)

High: I received the print ready PDF of ‘It Doesn’t Matter’. It’s the first time I’ve seen all the illustrations and they are gorgeous! Thank you Katie Brooks. I am absolutely thrilled to bits and cannot imagine a better looking book. The first hardback copy is being express posted to me and I should have it in my hot little hand by Friday! So exciting :) Happy, happy, happy.

Low: I have started on the first edits of Operation Alpha Papa, and I am really struggling to accept what they are asking me to do. This is the third edition for Alpha Papa, and I don’t understand why they want it changed so much from what has been a successful book for so many years. But, I will keep going and see if I can feel happier and make it work.

High: Book one of the series, Operation Foxtrot Five has been released in the US. For those interested or curious, here’s the link to the Tate online bookstore.

I get a higher royalty percentage for books sold through their online store. It is also available in B & N, and Amazon (I believe – haven’t checked it out yet).


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