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The US cover for Operation Uniform Echo has been finalized. I think it looks great :)

The back cover reads: 

‘How come you have it?’ asked Scott, not breaking eye contact with Shaye.OUE med

‘I don’t know. I found it in my schoolbag and didn’t know what to do, so I called you.”

Still maintaining eye contact with Shaye, Scott asked, ‘Did you take it?’

Detective Sergeant Scott Backer could not hide his surprise. Grandson?

He was pretty sure that Mrs Carr was not fifteen-year-old Shaye’s gran, as they both wanted him to believe. But for now, he would play along with them. What were they hiding? Who was Shaye, and why was he living with this elderly lady? 

The US version of the book is not out yet, but it is available in print and e-book here

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Tate Publishing in the US has just finished the cover design of book 4 in the Operation Series, Operation Tango Two-Two. What do you think?

1.1 MB cover photo


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Here’s an update on what happened with my writing during January, 2013.

US editing on Operation Tango Two-Two (first and second drafts) finished.

IDM x 4It Doesn’t Matter hard back covers arrived at our house (a month late, but who’s counting?) Now this book is in print in soft cover, hard cover and colouring book. Surprisingly, I like the colouring book best, but have resisted the urge to colour one in :)

The Spanish version has been printed, I believe, just waiting for a release date. It is wonderful to have all four versions of the book in my hand.

The US version of Operation Alpha Papa was printed and the release date is April 1st. No, this is not a joke :)

I was hoping to be able to share sales figures for the first two books in the Operation Series and the soft cover of the picture book, but they haven’t come through yet.

Operation Romeo Sierra (book 6 in the Operation series) is on my desktop, but I must confess, not much work has been done on it during January. Hoping for more actual writing time this month. I’m still planning on it coming out towards the end of this year.


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My US publisher has sent through the cover design for the second book in the Operation series. It is very similar to the Australian design. I love the colour! I’m not sure when this will be printed, as we haven’t done the final edits yet.

My previous Tate editor, Megan, who was so patient with me, (I learned so much from her), has moved interstate after getting married. She was the editor for Operation Foxtrot Five, Operation Delta Bravo and my picture book, It Doesn’t Matter. She was such a pleasure to work with, and I already miss her. Thank you for all your hard work, Megan.

My previous cover designer (Shawn) for the Operation series was promoted within the company, so I’m now working with Josh. He’s done a great job keeping the cover in the same style as Foxtrot. Thank you, Shawn and Josh.

From the book:

Andrew silently dropped a handful of cut up negatives onto the viewing bench. “It could be something perfectly innocent”.

Scott moved the pieces around with one finger. “Innocent people don’t cut up negatives.”


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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