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RevHello everyone. My name is Rev, and I am the newest member of the Stutley family. I am about eight years old – I say about, because a cat has to have some secrets. I’ve been told that I am part Abyssinian. My new female servant came to the animal refuge place where I had been imprisoned for the last 4 months, and simply fell in love with me! In fact, she was so smitten with me that she came back that afternoon and took me home with her. 

The transition was relatively smooth. The first night I slept on their bed and simply purred all night. That’s when they gave me my new name. They say it’s because my engine is always revving. I’m pretty easy to get along with and will do anything – and I mean ANYTHING for food. Even learn to go through cat flaps!

I’ve been here for 4 weeks now, and I am still testing my boundaries. The female servant seems to have a cleaner kitchen now that I am in charge. If she leaves anything on the bench or table, I jump up and see if it is edible. If it is, I eat it. But as the days go by, the kitchen is quickly cleared. So I’m guessing that they know this, because I’ve been too crafty for them to catch me in the act. I was more than a little indignant when I was made to wear a bell for a while. But I soon took it off, only to have it put back on again. So next time I took it off, I made sure it was safely hidden. They are still looking for it :) 

I am about to write a letter to the refuge people to let them know that I have settled in well. Perhaps I will allow my servant to reproduce it here for you next week. I’ll think about it…


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The Good Old Days,

I have wonderful memories of people and food. Did you ever receive an invitation to bring a casserole and a dessert and come for dinner? Depending on which country we were in, it was called Pot-Luck dinner, Bung Tea, Fellowship dinner/lunch.

All sorts of food would turn up, and everyone would have a little of everything and there was always laughter and good fun for everyone, even the children.

You could guarantee that someone would bring a good old trifle every time. And there was always a meat and vegetable casserole. And a sweet-and-sour something… Ah, happy memories. People are too busy to do this any more. It’s such a shame. Many times over the last few years I’ve tried to organize something like this, but this person can’t come on a week night, and this person works weekends. This night is out because of… and so on. I’ve stopped trying.

So I have to be content with our family get togethers. When everyone is here, we have 10 adults and 6 children. Everyone pitches in and brings something, either food or drinks. And it’s great fun!

When we have a family ‘do’ now, everyone expects my daughter-in-law to make her French Onion Potato Bake, and the menu is created around the expectation that she will make this for us. One time when we had a family meal, she offer to bring something, and I said ‘Your potato bake, please.’ She laughed and replied, ‘Are you sure? I can cook other things, you know.’ So I thought today I would share her recipe with you all.

Potato BakeFrench Onion Potato Bake

300 ml cream

1 x 25g pkt French Onion Soup

6 Large potatoes


Peel Potatoes and slice into thin rounds. Layer in a lightly greased baking dish.

Mix cream and soup together in a jug and pour over the potatoes.

Cover with foil and bake 40 minutes 180c

After 40 minutes, remove foil and bake 15 minutes.

I’m sure you will enjoy this as much as we do :)


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Today my red lid dish was given back, and for the first time I felt the uncomfortable prick of tears of sadness about my daughter moving away.

We have this glass dish that passed from her to me and back again for years. Whoever had the dish, had to fill it with something and give it back. Sometimes it would contain a few pieces of chocolate cake or something like that. Other times it was filled with dinner for my daughter who occasionally worked late. She would call from work and ask if someone could pick her up from the train and take her home – then I would divide our meal into three and give her the red lid dish. She would return it with something she’d made on the weekend.

She’s moved away and I’ve been left with the dish and many happy memories. That’s what ‘family’ is all about…

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