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Good Monday Morning :) When I started typing this I thought, ‘Week number four? That can’t be right.’ So I checked on my calendar… yes, we are in week 4 of 2013. How did that happen? 

gladiesI always start the week with a walk around my garden, where I pick a flower or two to bring into the house. This little activity gives me so much pleasure as I place the vase (sometimes two) in pride of place depending on how I feel at the time, and what I have picked. Single roses go in a small vase on the dining table. Gladioli go in the tall thin vase, and on the counter against the wall. Bunches of flowers go in the matching vases in the front room.

Last year we planted about 50 gladioli bulbs and they started blooming with the first one picked on March 27th, 2012. Back in August, I posted in my blog that I had picked the last one – but I was wrong! Three weeks later they started blooming again and haven’t stopped.

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty and simple pleasure of picking flowers.


(C) DJ Stutley 2013

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Update on last week’s cauliflower story…

I forgot – we did have cauliflower again while living in Tari :)

After enjoying our cauliflower so much, we had someone from Australia either bring or send us some cauliflower seeds. Can’t remember how we ended up with a packet of cauliflower seeds, but we diligently prepared the garden and planted a row of seeds. Between the bugs and the rain, we ended up with about 6 plants that we tenderly cared for. They grew into big strong bushes, but to our great disappointment, we couldn’t see any heads. So out came the gardening book.

We discovered that cauliflowers needed a good frost to set the head. A frost…? We were living tropical, 5,000 feet up a mountain – where the temperature never got above 25 and never fell below 11 at night.

Our house helper, Byja, had been watching us in the garden, and he knew something was wrong. We tried to explain that there was no cauliflower head, but he’d never seen this food and didn’t understand. We showed him the picture in the gardening book, and using our limited language skills, managed to get through to him what the problem was. That’s when I suddenly had the bright idea of chipping ice from the huge freezer. We forgot about Bayja, and excitedly emptied the contents of the freezer all over the table, gathered tubs and buckets and started chipping.

Byja stood in the doorway, relaying our frenzied activities to some of the Huli workers, who then called out to others. By the time we came outside, there was quite a crowd gathering on the hill above our garden. As we began packing ice around the bushes, the giggles and animated discussion resounded in our ears. They thought we’d gone completely nuts!

My husband explained in broken Pidgin English why we were packing ice around our plants, and Byja translated to the spectators. This was greeted with disbelieving head shakes and much advice that Byja discreetly didn’t pass on.

Weeks later, to our delight, there were some tiny white heads forming. All six grew to about the size of large oranges. Guess who came to dinner when we picked them? See… persistence pays off. And where there’s a will, there’s a way!


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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We have a couple of bushes growing up in front of our bedroom window to protect the room from our harsh, hot Australian summers. Looking out from inside the house, it is a twisted mass of twigs and branches. The summer sun has a hard time getting though the tangled mass. It actually looks quite ugly from inside. But when you go outside and look at it, you see a mass of green leaves and red and white flowers.

Every Monday morning I fix a coffee and take a walk around my garden to see what is new or what has happened during the last week. I look at each plant, and see if there are any new buds or flowers. I make note of which ones are ready to be picked for display. Hardly a week goes by when there isn’t a homegrown flower or vase full of flowers that grace my table.

When I go around the front and look at the bush that has overgrown my window, I see the beauty of flowers dotted among the green. And I’m reminded of what I can see from the inside of my bedroom… Ugly on the inside, yet beautiful on the outside. Is there a ‘Life Lesson’ in that? I think there may be…

Happy Monday, everyone. May you have a productive and rewarding week :)

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