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Charles graveIt’s been five weeks since I said goodbye to my big little furry friend, Monsieur Charles de Cat. I still miss him, and find myself hesitating at different times, expecting him to be there. We made a cute little grave for him, and decorated it with a pot of Cat Grass.

IMG_0052Charles 1Charles was the funniest cat. When I first started working out with weights, I would get down on the floor, on my back ready to lift the dumbbells, and there he would be. His nose just inches from mine as he looked me in the eye. He would sniff my face so closely that I could feel his breath and whiskers. Inevitably he would make me laugh and I would pat him, hoping he would move on. But he never did. I would do the entire floor routine with him curled up leaning against my head. I realise now that he was probably checking on me because it was not normal for me to be on the floor. 

I had the oddest dream a week ago… My husband was standing there holding his phone and he says, ‘There is no point going to the Cat Haven, because there are no male ginger cats by the name of Ryan.’ Maybe I should take a drive out there to make sure… Ryan? Where did that come from?

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Some of you may have heard that I said goodbye to my best 4 legged fiend a few days ago. He was 16 yo, a BIG ginger cat, and I called him Monsieur Charles de Cat. In light of that, I just couldn’t resist posting this….

Happiness is













Happy Monday. May you have a blessed week.


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Welcome to Monday :)

I’m not my usual bright eyed and bushy-tailed self this morning. There was a funeral on Saturday – it was a lovely funeral as funerals go. But it is the conversations out in the kitchen (where I helped prepare a light lunch for the crowd) that has remained in my mind.

Various people were saying what they wished for their own funerals, some were amusing, some serious. Some had written into their wills that they were not to have an open casket, others said that they wanted no ceremony when the body was buried – just a memorial service after the fact. Mrs N shared that when their son died, people from all over came to the funeral to say goodbye, yet this young fellow had been ill in hospital for a long time and no one came to see him while he was alive. The fact that they were at the funeral angered her and she asked the question, ‘Why couldn’t they have come to see him when he was alive?’ Based on this experience, she only wants the people who are in contact with her now to attend her funeral.

That got me thinking and I started asking questions. Who’s funeral would I attend if I heard that they had suddenly died? When did I last speak to that person? Why would I attend that persons funeral to say ‘goodbye’ when I couldn’t be bothered to say ‘hello’ while they were alive? A sobering thought.

Today I’m going to start a list of people I would like to say ‘hello’ to once again. Having decided to do this, I feel a sense of anticipation and feel my enthusiasm for a new week creeping back. Happy Monday to you all.


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