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Good Monday Morning to you, one and all. My month is already filling up, with some appointments in February already. From time to time I need to pause and listen to that still quiet voice within. If I let Him, God will direct my path.psalm-23-

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Good Monday Morning to you all :)

Hearing what isn't saidSomething a little controversial today… This saying evokes a strong feeling one way or the other. Some people believe that you take at face value what others are saying and not interpret it in any other way. Others believe that if you listen to what is not said, and watch body language, you actually get a clear picture of a situation.

I use both thoughts. There were many times during my counselling sessions when I chose my words carefully. It was because of what I didn’t say that Dr Lee was able to guide the session in a particular direction. Yet when my friend said she didn’t want a birthday party to celebrate her significant birthday, I didn’t assume that she really did want on and just wasn’t prepared to say so.

But I like the saying, so will share it with you :)

Have a good week.


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Have you ever thought how remarkably perceptive children are? They constantly observe, listen, and process what they absorb to the level of their understanding. But sometimes what they observe and understand is a little off the mark.

One of our daughters had just moved out of home and into a place of her own. It was just getting dark when I arrived at her house, and after letting me in, she went and turned on the back outside light, leaving the curtains open. I asked why she did that and she replied,’So that no one can see in.’

I was confused, and quizzed her further. She replied, ‘But you always did that.’ Did I…? I went over my nightly routine, and eventually the ‘light’ went on. My dog was afraid of the dark. So every evening when I put her out for a nature call, I put the back light on, leaving the curtain open at the door so that I could see when she was ready to come back inside. I took my daughter outside and disproved her theory, while I explained why I left my curtain open with the back light on.

Another daughter was busy moving into her first place away from home, and I was helping her settle into her kitchen. She looked around and asked, ‘Where am I going to put my dishes? I don’t have a pantry.’

‘Put them in the cupboards under the benches,’ I suggested.

‘But you never did. All your dishes are in the pantry.’

So I explained that the only reason my dishes were in the pantry, was because I had a back injury and couldn’t bend down to get them out of low cupboards. So a shelf on the pantry at a good hight  meant that I could set the table and put away clean dishes without pain.

Just goes to show that what we do and say can have a powerful influence on those who watch/listen.


(c) DJ Stutley 2012


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Good Monday Morning. I came across this the other day, and I couldn’t have worded it better, so with permission from Dr Dan…

As we run the race of life we all need encouragement and need to give it to others.   Matter of fact, the word comes from a combination of the prefix “en” which means “to put into” and the Latin word “cor” which means heart.   Encouragement is like an arrow that goes straight to one’s heart that has the power to inspire, infuse strength, and help someone who has grown weary in life’s race to continue on with patience and fortitude.   By our words and actions we can “put into the heart” of others that needed strength to help them through those tough stretches of life. We need to be part of that stadium of people who are shouting encouragement to those whose legs have grown weary. As well, if we listen closely we need to recognize and appreciate the many around us who are shouting encouragement to us.

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 When I look back over the years, I can see how far I’ve come because of encouragement given by those around me. I also see many people are where they are today because I was one who encouraged them.
Who will you encourage this week? Take note of those who encourage you, and thank them.

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