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photo of Donna RoseFollowing on from last week, verse 2 of Ecclesiastes 3 reads: (there is) a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and aMum time to uproot.

Births and Deaths. These two pictures are of my mother. The first was taken when she was about 8 years old, I think. The other was the last formal picture taken before she died at the age of 52. Next week she would have been celebrating her 78th birthday. She didn’t change much in those 44 years, did she?

Even though she’s been gone for 26 years, I still miss her very much. I often catch myself thinking ‘Mum would have loved this.’ She died when our youngest of 4 children was just 1-year-old.  That child now has two children and we are looking forward to the birth of our 8th grandchild. It saddens me to think of all that she has missed out on.

gardenPlanting and uprooting. The seasons are changing so fast, that if we don’t hurry up, we’ll not get our next season of vegetables planted. We had to ‘uproot’ the last of the celery and capsicums in order to fill the raised garden beds with wonderful rich compost. I’m excited when I look at this and imagine what it will look like in 3 or 4 months time. Before we know it we will be enjoying the produce.

Planting and uprooting can also be looked at in another context – that of moving to a different house, or town – or even country. If this is you, try to put down roots and grow where you are.

A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot.

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Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Here in Australia we have just remembered our fallen and serving military personnel. Now is the ‘season’ of remembering those who fought for our freedom. An emotional time for many.


The word ‘season’ is usually used in the context of weather. Tornado season, Summer, Fire season and so on…

But life has seasons too. For a while, I was a daughter and sister. Then I became a wife and mother – while still being a daughter and sister. My parents both died and I was back to being a sister, wife and mother. Now I’m a grandmother, Aunt and Great Aunt.

For a ‘season’ I was a correspondence teacher to my children, I’ve been a secretary using my typing skills, and the list goes on…

This is called LIFE. And what ever is going on in your life at this time is simply a ‘season’. So look out a window or up at the sky. What happened when you did that? Your chin lifted :) So, chin up and enjoy your season.

Love to you all,



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Old Shoes

Change is in the air  house mind heart? Maybe heart is a better word.

shoesI have carried this pair of shoes around for 25 years. They were my mother’s. When she died, I took this pair of cream shoes and a pair of ankle boots that were hers. The ankle boots fitted my daughter perfectly and she still has them. The cream shoes were too big for her, and they are a touch too small for me, which is why I’ve never worn them. But I kept them because they were my mother’s and they looked nice, and maybe one day they would fit me. (what was I thinking?) She hardly wore these shoes, and the price tag is still visible inside the shoe. $59.99 twenty five years ago – that’s an expensive pair of shoes. The inside sole says ‘Leather upper’ and the writing stamped on the sole of the shoe is not in English, so they must be an imported shoe. 

I think it’s time I got rid of the shoes. Maybe not. Just put them back and deal with it next year. Let’s face it – after all this time, I don’t think my feet will shrink enough to wear them comfortably. But then, if I have those bones fused in my right foot, my foot will be shorter. Short enough to wear the shoe? What good will one shoe be? Do I need a pair of cream courtshoes? No. But I might one day. I’ve never needed a pair of cream courtshoes. Will I need a pair of cream courtshoes in the future? Maybe I should keep them. Do I have other things that were my mother’s? Yes. But not any of her shoes. Do the shoes mean anything to me? No. Other than the fact that they were her shoes. I never saw her wear them.

I will get rid of the shoes. 

Sometimes it is hard to let go of things. Especially if you don’t understand the reason you want to hang onto them. Goodbye, shoes :)


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