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Good Monday Morning to you all :)Accomplish your purpose

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Good Monday Morning to you all:)

Today, this Monday October 8th 2012, is the first Monday of the rest of my life! You might think that is a strange thing to say, so let me explain.

As you know, Mondays have always been special for me, now they take on even more importance. I have just spent the last three weeks preparing to die. Based on the physical evidence and the family history, I had good reason to believe that it was possible  I could be dead in nine months. I started making lists of who I wanted to contact, memberships I would have to resign from, internet sites that I needed to deregister from, deadlines I would have to meet, and listing all the things I wanted to accomplish in the next nine months.

Knowing the family history, the medical profession sprang into action with amazing speed, and where normally I would have waited months for particular appointments and procedures, they were all done inside three weeks. Including surgery.

I learned a few things, as you would expect :)

1. We will all die at some point. I am comfortable with that thought, and it doesn’t panic me or cause me worry. I know that my future has been secured by the blood of the Lord Jesus. I am a child of God.

2. I am 53 years old. What did cause me distress was the fact that I may not be here for the future years offering advice and help to my children and grandchildren. It never occurred to me that I would not be around to celebrate my 70th birthday, or at least one 21st birthday of a grandchild. And then there was my husband… We planned to grow old together.

3. I have so much to do!

4. That numbers 2 & 3 pale into insignificance when I focused on number 1.

5. I have done so much! I have served God on the mission field in PNG, taught Sunday-school, participated in outreach etc. I have guided 4 children and at times other young relatives who lived with us, to adulthood. They are all wonderful people. I have 6 books in print, with two more planned for release next year. I have backed my husband and stood by his side in difficult times. I have worked hard to become the person I am today. My life has not been without meaning to God, myself and to others.

6. Try to make every day meaningful to God, myself and others.

It was indeed a few tough weeks emotionally, but I discovered the value of supportive friends and peace from God. The prognosis is good.

Take care, and have a wonderful week. Take a moment and think of this as being the first day of the rest of your life.


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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We are a special bunch.

My writing family are heroes. No doubt about it. I sent out a plea for help last week, saying that I was going to be out of action for a while and was there anyone who could help with my existing contractual commitments? I may need someone to do a final pre-print check on one book, go over the final edits for another book, and the first edits for yet another book. Throw in the initial cover design of one book, and the followup cover design of another book – that’s quite a lot of work for the first 15 days of next month. And due to a medical emergency, I’m going to be out of action. When I looked at the work ahead of me, I wondered how I could possibly do what was expected, knowing what I was facing medically. I needed help.

Offers came flooding in. One from an editor I’ve never come across, (she has been following my progress over the years), others equally qualified to do any of the tasks I needed help with, some saying that if no offers of help came in they would give it a ‘shot’, others saying they would like to help but felt they weren’t qualified enough.

I’ve narrowed it down to three. If I need help, I know they will step up and do their very best for me without a second thought.

Being a ‘writer’ is like being part of a large family. Writer’s are unique in their willingness to help others succeed without being jealous of their success. We share knowledge, advice and encouragement with each other. We feel the successes and disappointments of others in their writing as well as their personal life. Yes, writer’s are special! Thank you, fellow writer’s :)


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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