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The Operation Alpha Papa book trailer has been posted on the Tate website. I think this is their best effort yet. Two more books to go – wouldn’t it be wonderful if they keep getting better :)




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I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this week – A high, then a low, then another high :)

High: I received the print ready PDF of ‘It Doesn’t Matter’. It’s the first time I’ve seen all the illustrations and they are gorgeous! Thank you Katie Brooks. I am absolutely thrilled to bits and cannot imagine a better looking book. The first hardback copy is being express posted to me and I should have it in my hot little hand by Friday! So exciting :) Happy, happy, happy.

Low: I have started on the first edits of Operation Alpha Papa, and I am really struggling to accept what they are asking me to do. This is the third edition for Alpha Papa, and I don’t understand why they want it changed so much from what has been a successful book for so many years. But, I will keep going and see if I can feel happier and make it work.

High: Book one of the series, Operation Foxtrot Five has been released in the US. For those interested or curious, here’s the link to the Tate online bookstore.

I get a higher royalty percentage for books sold through their online store. It is also available in B & N, and Amazon (I believe – haven’t checked it out yet).


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My US publisher has sent through the cover design for the second book in the¬†Operation series. It is very similar to the Australian design. I love the colour! I’m not sure when this will be printed, as we haven’t done the final edits yet.

My previous Tate editor, Megan, who was so patient with me, (I learned so much from her), has moved interstate after getting married. She was the editor for Operation Foxtrot Five, Operation Delta Bravo and my picture book, It Doesn’t Matter. She was such a pleasure to work with, and I already miss her.¬†Thank you for all your hard work, Megan.

My previous cover designer (Shawn) for the Operation series was promoted within the company, so I’m now working with Josh. He’s done a great job keeping the cover in the same style as Foxtrot. Thank you, Shawn and Josh.

From the book:

Andrew silently dropped a handful of cut up negatives onto the viewing bench. “It could be something perfectly innocent”.

Scott moved the pieces around with one finger. “Innocent people don’t cut up negatives.”


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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