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The following job advertisement was spotted this week in Perth, Western Australia. Don’t you will all bosses were like this?

I am seeking a competent and organized person to take on a position that will vary in hours depending on workflow. 


Typically Mon- Wed School Hours starting from anywhere between 1-3 days but a weeks notice will be given on all rosters forth coming. 

This position is most suited to someone whom would like flexibility for school pick ups and holidays. 

I run a Bookkeeping business and am looking for someone to cover the following roles: 

-Data entry 
-Accounts payable/receivable 
-general office duties 
-Sense of humor 
-likes coffee 
-Wing man/women to myself 

-You must have an understanding of credits & debits and payables and receivables.

-Be tidy, organized, punctual & even a little OCD is ok 


-Myob & or Quick Books experience is preferred but im happy to provide some guidance. 

-Police Clearance and current references please.

I’m looking for someone who would like to work as a contractor (own ABN- own business) and am happy to assist them with abn application and information on their responsibilities as a contractor to the ATO etc to get them started up 
– FYI If you earn less than 75K you have no GST commitments & if you earn less than 18k you have no withholding tax commitments 


What does it pay? 
depends how good you are……. I’m looking at around 20-25 per hour flat rate paid fortnightly on invoice. 

You require only yourself no laptops, equipment etc 

If you think you would suit this role and are local to the Armdale area (10km ish) would like to earn some extra money for the family and get out of the house please respond via email. 

Now that is what I call an imaginative job advertisement. And I wish her every success in finding the right ‘wing man/woman’ :)


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Today is a public holiday – it is Western Australia Day :) So I thought I’d introduce you to our wonderful state…

Western Australia (commonly abbreviated as WA) occupies  the entire western third of the Australian Continent. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west, the Southern Ocean to the south, the Northern Territory to the north-east and South Australia to the south-east. Western Australia is Australia’s largest state and the second-largest ‘state’ in the world. Today Western Australia has approximately 2.3 million inhabitants (around 10% of the national total) and supplies 46% of Australia’s exports.

The total length of the state’s eastern boarder is 1,862 km (1,157 mi). There are 20,781 km (12,913 mi) of coastline, including 7,892 km (4,904 mi) of island coastline. The total land area occupied by the state is 2.5 million km2.

The first European to visit Western Australia was in 1616. It was on June 1, 1829, that Western Australia’s coast was first sighted from the merchant ship Barque Parmelia. This led to the establishment of the Swan River Colony, the first permanent British colony in Western Australia. Western Australia Day (formerly Foundation Day) is officially celebrated on June 1, but the public holiday is observed on the first Monday in June.

The weather is wonderful, the people friendly, the sights are amazing.

Come visit :)

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