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Something to look forward to.

Last month my husband and I spent many hours working on our new deck. There used to be a paved patio outside the living/dining room door, and now there is a beautiful timber deck with white posts and cross beams covered with fly wire. Two sliding fly wire doors give easy access to the back and side yard. White pots containing my most-used herbs give the new outdoors room a homely touch.

For the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to summer. I usually spend the cooler months counting down the days towards the expectation of summer misery, which kind of takes the shine off Winter and Autumn.

I used to dread summer and made myself quite miserable about the fact that it was coming. The last few years, I’ve tried really hard not to spoil the cooler months by focusing on what was to come, and I have noticed that I do enjoy the cooler months even more.

This year is different. I actually said out-loud ‘I can’t wait for summer,’ and I was shocked to hear those words come from me. But it’s true… I can’t wait to sit outside on warm summer evenings, and know that I’m not going to be chased inside by a swarm of nasty bugs and mosquitoes. The whole perspective of a summer of misery has shifted. I feel as though there is a sense of proportion in my attitude now. That’s very good!


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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It’s Monday morning again :) And it’s raining!

I just love winter. The cold, the wind, and especially the rain. The harder the rain falls the bigger my smile grows.

A while back, when I was going through trauma counselling, I was asked to think of a safe place – a place that gives me a feeling of pleasure or safety. I needed a memory that would help me retrieve a positive emotion that I could bring up and use to replace a feeling of distress or disturbance.

Sitting in a comfortable chair with my eyes closed, I thought back over the years to the many places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and done: sunsets, sunrises, forests, bushwalks, food… nothing seemed to ‘click’. I was about to give up when a picture began to form in my mind. I could feel the tugging of a smile as pleasure welled up inside me. By the time my mental picture was complete, I was grinning. I’d found my ‘safe place’. I opened my eyes and felt like laughing. Who would believe me? Let me describe my safe place…

The rain is bucketing down!  I am standing out on my patio with a cup of coffee. The rain is so heavy I can hardly see the building 20 metres away. The traffic coming down the highway has slowed to a crawl, their headlights weak and distorted. Thunder rumbles overhead. A gust of wind drives the rain towards me and I step backwards. This is my favourite place, favourite season, favourite memory. My ‘safe place’.

Do you have a ‘safe place’? I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great week :)


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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